All change

We’ve been in our first home for three and half years and we’ve decided that although we’ve just finished we’re ready to change things already!

Our lovely house is a Victorian terrace which we fell in love with when we first peeked through the windows and saw the damp patches, only a sink for a kitchen and stained carpets!

We’ve transformed it over the past few years but have realised that we would like to make our living room into the dining room and vice versa! I already have my eye on some of our stock, I am definitely going to treat us to the Cobblestone and Congo cushions.


My other idea is to frame one of the Zebra Tea Towels as a piece of art – it’s always about thinking outside the box!


We’ve already sourced some vintage tan leather sofas, we’re going to bring out retro coffee back down from the loft (now that Harrison won’t smash the glass top!) and rejig some of the other pieces we already have.

Our big decision is what colour to paint the walls! We’d love to see your living and dining rooms as inspiration so tag us using #estilolivingstyle or #estilodiningstyle. Can’t wait to see your pics!